The Smartpond® Fleece Filter – how it works

Depending on the filter version, the pond water is either pumped into the filter or flows into the filter by gravity. (1) The filtration is refined significantly as a result of the hydrostatic pressure on the fleece caused by the water column. That way particles up to 1/1000 part are retained and removed from the water circulation.

Do you remember the coffee filters that used to be deployed to make the coffee infusion drinkable? That is just how a Smartpond Filter works at your pond. The soiled fleece is conveyed into a partition (2) by means of a robust conveyor belt where it is discarded or rolled up (3) (with an optional fleece rewinder) and like this directly taken out of the water circulation. Dirt will not stay in the filter. The 30° inclination of the conveyor belt ensures that dirt stays on the fleece and cannot be flushed off by the water again. Due to this thorough removal of dirt the nitrate content and thus algae growth is reduced significantly.

The filling level in the fleece filter can be adjusted as required by means of a magnetic float (4). As soon as the filling level reaches or drops below the magnetic float (depending on whether you have a G or the S filter version) the motor starts and moves forward the conveyor belt step-wise. The time period of the automatic feed can be adjusted at the Smartpond® filter according to your desire/requirement. The factory setting of the relay switch results in approx. 5 cm feed. The new fleece coming into the filter section slowly gets clogged with dirt so that at the deepest level particles up to 1/1000 part can be retained.

Subsequently the mechanically cleaned water flows/drips (5) into the adjacent biochamber (6). Thus, the water is enriched with oxygen which is vital for, amongst others, nitrogen-fixing bacteria (biology) and keeps the biomedium (7) in motion (moving bed technology).

Bacteria settling on the biomedium in the biochamber transform ammonium or ammonia and nitrite that are toxic to your fish into nonhazardous nitrate (biological oxidation). The filtered and biologically treated water can then be directed or pumped into the pond again. The pre-filtration through the fleece is very efficient so that cleaning the biochamber is sort of not necessary.

In this way bacterial cultures are not disturbed by mechanical cleaning operations and an optimum degree of efficiency is ensured in the long term.
The control has been placed in an enclosure with transparent cover deliberately separate from the filter unit. Subsequently the electricity of the control unit connected to the filter is only 24V. And therefore ensures maximum protection for you and your precious fish.

Smartpond® filters are manufactured in Switzerland by 100% – so we can offer you state-of-the-art technology that meets Swiss quality standards.