Smartpond® Submersible UV-C

Now also suitable for salt water!

A service life of up to 3 years* with only 10% loss of performance

The new immerged UV-C amalgam radiator distinguishes itself from standard UV-C devices due to its significantly higher efficiency, an extremely long service life with a very low loss of performance and a short construction period.

  • Immerged high-performance, submersible UV-C amalgam radiator with 32, 60, 80 or 125W
  • IP68 protected immerged UV-C device
  • Extremely long service life
  • For use not only in Smartpond filters, but also in other systems
  • For the first time with earth wire up to the lamp socket
  • Inclusive IP66 protected control gear / PSU

* (at an average duration of burning hours of 14,5 per day).

General technical data

Life expectancy Longlife 16.000 h
Mode of installation horizontal/vertical
Lamp connector ceramic
Type of cable flexible Silicon 3m / 5m
Earthing * concucted up to lamp socket
Material of socket Acid and salt water resistant
Protection class of UV-C IP68
Protection class elec. ballast IP66
Form of delivery mounted ready for use

NEW: Submersible UV-C 32

Nominal capacity 32 Watt
Recommended size of pond 0 - 15 m3
Fitting length 370 mm

Submersible UV-C 60

Nominal capacity 60 Watt
Recommended size of pond 0 - 30 m3
Fitting length 460 mm

Submersible UV-C 80

Nominal capacity 80 Watt
Recommended size of pond 20 - 60 m3
Fitting length 660 mm

Submersible UV-C 125

Nominal capacity 125 Watt
Recommended size of pond 60 - 100 m3
Fitting length 950 mm