The biomedium is a freely floating medium having a four times larger surface than Japan mats. This corresponds to a volume of about 1,000m²/m³, ensuring a very high settlement of bacteria.

The specific weight has been determined so that the biomedium floats to the water surface in the bio chamber. In case of slightest water movements (e.g. as a result of the dripping stage of the Smartpond®Filter models) it is driven by turbulences, therefore forcing it to rotate. Thus, aeration is taking place. Optimum circulation is achieved when the biomaterial-water ratio is kept at maximum 1:2. By putting additional aeriation of the biomedium the movement and efficiency can be increased.

Due to optimal pre-filtration by the Smartpond® fleece filter there is no necessity to clean the biomedium. Thus, a constantly highly efficient biophase and therefore ideal water treatment conditions for koi ponds are achieved.

100L biomedium can transform up to 1.5kg protein-containing koi food in one day (according to the declaration of the manufacturer).

Technical data

Diameter 17 mm
Length 17 mm