• NEW - PROline Endless Belt Filter

    NEW - PROline Endless Belt Filter

    ‚The Original - Endless Belt Filter from Smartpond®‘
    With the new PROline Series we have made a step towards the next generation.
  • Let these impressions of the world of ponds fascinate you with or without fish.
  • Fleece Filter

    Fleece Filter

    The Fleece Filter can remove particles up to 1/1000 mm from the water cycle.


... a name is synonimous for Endless Belt Filter technology

The «smart» and compact design of our Smartpond® Filter removes automatically even smallest impurities from your pond and guarantees clear and contamination free water. The result will also convince demanding Koi- and Swimpond owners.

For every size of pond there are relevant Filter solutions available, all of them offering a range of benefits:

  • Permanent removing of even smalles impurities from the pond water
  • No cleaning work anymore
  • With integrated and high efficient bio-filter section
  • It can be used as a pre-filter in front of an existing bio-filter
  • Available as gravity fed or pumped version
  • Upgradeable with meaningful accessories


Schwimmteich Vliesfilter STF 3000

NEU! Der bewährte Schwimmteich Vliesfilter mit optimierter Mechanik und etlichen zusätzlichen Optionen.

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Schwimmteichfilter EBF PROline STF

Für alle, die es vollautomatisch haben möchten, haben wir nun unsere PROline Serie auf den Schwimmteichfilter erweitert.

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Smartpond PROline Pumpe PROFlow

DIE Hochleistungs Pumpenserie von Smartpond® für eine Umwälzung bis 67.000 Liter/h (bei nur 0,85kW / 1.800U/min). Lieferbar entweder als Kreislaufpumpe (SP-F), oder bei Bedarf als Druckpumpe (SP-D)

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Smartpond PROline BioCube

Die optimale Bestückung unserer PROline Filter für eine absolut wirksame Biologie.

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